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Difference between revisions of "Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach"

Difference between revisions of "Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach"

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| [[Supercar]]
| [[Supercar]]
| [[Dodgems]]
| [[Dodgems]]
| 1950s
| ''1960s''
| {{td|1968}}
| {{td|1968}}
| Travelling UK
| Travelling UK

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Amusement park
Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Status Operating
1909 1909
Owner Pleasure & Leisure Corporation PLC
Website www.pleasure-beach.co.uk/

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach is an amusement park located in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, UK.



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Bonanza Ihle Bros. Pony Trek 1989
Disk'O Zamperla Disc'O 2004
Dodgems Supercar Dodgems 1969
Dumbo Kolmax-Plus Jets 2017
Gallopers Savage Gallopers 1954
Haunted House Supercar Tracked Dark Ride 1970s
Log Flume Big Country Motioneering Log Flume 1989
Monorail Millar Monorail c.1985
Mulan Mack Rides Caterpillar 1991
Pirate Ship Zamperla Pirate Ship 2001
Reverse Time SBF Visa Group Trabant/Satellite 2017
Sky Drop Zamperla Drop Tower 2004
Snails & Fairytales Self-built Juvenile Track Ride 1961
Twister Sonacase Twist 1999
Yo-Yo S&W Amusements Honey Swing 2000


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Bidule Sobema Superbob 1989 1989 Relocated to Flambards Theme Park
Cake Walk Unknown Cakewalk 1973 1982 Relocated to Ffrith Beach Fun Parc
Calypso Lang Wheels Calypso 1961 1964 Relocated to New Brighton Palace
Caterpillar Unknown Caterpillar 1933 1934 Relocated to New Brighton Tower Grounds
Condor HUSS Condor 1991 1993 Relocated to Gorky Park (Moscow)
Dodgems Supercar Dodgems 1960s 1968 Travelling UK
Dodgems A.P.E. Dodgems 1972 1974 Relocated to Riverside Amusement Park
Dodgems Supercar Dodgems 1975 1979 Travelling UK
Dodgems Norman Wallis Dodgems 1981 1980s Relocated to Butlin's Bognor Regis
Drag Cars Supercar Leisure Juvenile Track Ride 1992 2014 Unknown
Dream Dancer R.J. Lakin Waltzer 1998 2016 Relocated to Dreamland Margate
Evolution Fabbri Evolution 2006 2016 Exported to Brazil
Flipper HUSS Superbowl/Flipper 1994 1997 Relocated to Camelot Theme Park
Flying Carpet Zierer Flying Carpet 1987 1993 Exported
Flying Saucers Lang Wheels Ferris Wheel 1956 1964 Relocated to Botton's Pleasure Beach
Flying Saucers Lang Wheels Ferris Wheel 1965 1971 Scrapped
Flying Twist Edwin Hall Twist 1960s 1992 Relocated to Billing Aquadrome
Gallopers Savage Gallopers 1951 1951 Relocated to Spanish City Amusement Park
Ghost Train Orton & Spooner Tracked Dark Ride 1931 1980s Scrapped
Giant Wheel Mondial Ferris Wheel 2016 2016 Travelling UK
Go-Karts Reverchon Monte Carlo Rally/Speedway 1990 2018 Unknown
It's Bad Sobema Breakdance 1990 1995 Travelling UK
Jules Verne Orbinaut Robin G. Mitchell Simulator 1981 1980s Unknown
Lightning Swirl R.J. Lakin Swirl/Skid/Ben Hur 1944 1982 Travelling UK
Moonrocket Schippers Moonrocket 1938 1938 Relocated to Barry Island Pleasure Park
Move It! Tivoli Move It! 2002 2005 Travelling UK
Orbiter Tivoli Orbiter 2009 2012 Travelling UK
Outrage Fairmatt Miami 2011 2011 Travelling UK
Paratrooper AMECO Upright Paratrooper 1965 1969 Travelling UK
Pirate HUSS Pirate Ship 1984 1980s Exported
Rock-O-Plane Eyerley Aircraft Company Rock-O-Plane 1982 1983 Travelling UK
Rotor Orton & Spooner Rotor 1973 1973 Relocated to Botton's Pleasure Beach
Satellite Bennett Trabant/Satellite 1965 1985 Relocated to Frontierland Family Theme Park
Shake-It K.T. Enterprises Miami 1997 1997 Travelling UK
Silver Bullet Heyn Moonrocket 1940s 1940s Relocated to Sutton Great Park
Ski Jump Aero Affiliates Flying Coaster 1967 1968 Relocated to Botton's Pleasure Beach
Sky Diver Bennett Lifting Paratrooper 1978 1978 Relocated to Knowsley Safari Park
Sky Flyer Vekoma Voyager 1987 1988 Exported
Sky Wheels Samuel Butler Sky Wheels 1965 1976 Exported to Netherlands
Snake Slides Zapfun Tube Slide x3 Unknown 2014 Scrapped
Super Speedway R.J. Lakin Ark/Speedway 1961.c Unknown Relocated to Botton's Pleasure Beach
Super-Loops Larson International Super Loop 1982 1986 Exported to Mexico
Terminator Soriani & Moser Top Spin 1994 2003 Exported
Typhoon Tivoli Orbiter 1998 1998 Travelling UK
UFO Robles Bouso Typhoon 1982 1983 Relocated to Funland Hayling Island
Vampire Jets Lang Wheels Jets 1956 1974 Relocated to Peter Pan's Playground
Vampire Jets Lang Wheels Jets 1978 1978 Relocated to Botton's Pleasure Beach
Vampire Jets Lang Wheels Jets 1980 1981 Relocated to Botton's Pleasure Beach
Viking Helmut Hauser Pirate Ship 2000 2000 Travelling UK
Waltzer Maxwell Waltzer 1963 1971 Relocated to Blackpool Olympia
Waltzer Maxwell Waltzer 1972 1989 Relocated to Fort Regent
Waltzer Orton & Spooner Waltzer 1996 1997 Travelling UK
Water Chute Hugo Haase Water Chute 1929 1931 Scrapped
Water Chute Self-built Water Chute 1972 1992 Scrapped

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