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Difference between revisions of "Fairworld Seaton Carew"

Difference between revisions of "Fairworld Seaton Carew"

Line 83: Line 83:
| [[R.J. Lakin]]
| [[R.J. Lakin]]
| [[Swirl/Skid/Ben Hur|Swirl/Skid]]
| [[Swirl/Skid/Ben Hur|Swirl/Skid]]
| {{td|1976}}
| {{td|1977}}
| ''1980s''
| ''1980s''
| Relocated to [[Morecambe Winter Gardens]]
| Relocated to [[Morecambe Winter Gardens]]

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Amusement park
Fairworld Seaton Carew
Seaton Carew, County Durham, England
Status Defunct
Operated to 1991
Owner Fairworld Ltd.
Previous names Seaton Carew Amusement Park

Fairworld Seaton Carew was an amusement park that was previously located in Seaton Carew, County Durham, England, UK. The park closed permanently at the end of the 1991 season.

Attractions[edit | edit source]

Closed[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Ark Unknown Ark/Speedway 1949 1955 Travelling UK
Astroglide Bennett Astroglide 1970s 1991 Scrapped
Calypso Kaspar Klaus Calypso 1968 Unknown Unknown
Caterpillar Lang Wheels Caterpillar 1969 1970s Scrapped
Chair-O-Plane Unknown Chair-O-Plane 1965 1971 Travelling UK
Dive Bomber Lusse Roll-O-Plane 1950 Unknown Unknown
Dodgems Supercar Dodgems 1971 1991 Scrapped
Flying Skid R.J. Lakin Swirl/Skid 1977 1980s Relocated to Morecambe Winter Gardens
Flying Skid R.J. Lakin Swirl/Skid 1980s 1991 Scrapped
Gallopers Thomas Walker Gallopers 1957 1960 Relocated to Hollycombe Collection
Gallopers Howcroft Carriage Works Gallopers 1969 1980s Relocated to Fort Regent
Ghost Train Supercar Tracked Dark Ride Unknown 1991 Scrapped
Twist NHN Scrambler 1977 1991 Relocated to Seaburn Fun Park
Waltzer Unknown Tilt-A-Whirl 1950s 1976 Travelling UK
Waltzer Maxwell Waltzer 1977 1991 Stored - Sold

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